Taxi Prices Claypool, IN, United States

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* Dynamic prices (or "surge pricing") in Claypool, IN can't be displayed as they change dynamically in a matter of seconds. However our calculator allows to check current surge prices for any specific route.

Lyft Rates Claypool

No info available on Lyft rates in Claypool, IN, United States.

Uber Rates Claypool



Base fare: $1.1
Booking fee: $1.45
Cost per min: $0.15
Cost per mile: $0.75

Minimum charge: $3.35
Cancellation fee: $5


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Compare Taxi Rates in Claypool

RideAnyWay helps you find the lowest cost options on a rideshare, taxi, limo, or car service such as Uber, Lyft or local taxi in Claypool, Clay, Kosciusko, Indiana, United States.

How much does Uber cost in Claypool? How much is Lyft? How do Uber vs Lyft prices compare? How much is a taxi fare in Claypool, Clay, Kosciusko, Indiana, United States?
Our Taxi Fare Estimator helps compare fare estimates, rates and pricing for taxi, limo, uberX, uberXL, UberBLACK, UberSUV, Lyft, Lyft Plus in Claypool, IN.

Uber fares Claypool

Uber fares for a particular route in Claypool, IN are calculated based on:
a) base rate in Claypool
b) uber rates for estimated time and distance of the route,
c) current demand for rides in the area of Claypool at the time of requesting a ride.

Lyft fares in Claypool

So, here you would check Lyft fare estimates for Claypool, Clay, Kosciusko, Indiana, United States. Lyft taxis in Claypool, IN charge riders a base fare when boarding, per mile when moving, and per minute when idling. Lyft rates usually do beat taxi fares in Claypool, IN.

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Uber vs Lyft Prices in Claypool, IN

Average trip cost for both Uber and Lyft in Claypool is roughly similar.

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